G20 Summit: China Lauds Delhi Proclamation as Beacon of Positivity


  • Amidst the gripping waves of anticipation and global scrutiny, the G20 leaders convened in Delhi, sealing their unity with a poignant joint declaration. A sentiment echoed and celebrated across the world, the declaration struck a chord, particularly with China, who wholeheartedly heralded it as a beacon of hope and collaboration for our interconnected world.
  • In a move demonstrating unity and shared purpose, the G20 summit in India saw the unanimous acceptance of the joint declaration on Sunday. With the world’s largest economies standing shoulder-to-shoulder, China felt deeply resonated with the statement, interpreting it as a testament to the G20’s unwavering commitment to confronting worldwide adversities and fostering growth.
  • The magnetic air of Delhi became witness to Beijing’s inaugural public sentiments about the declaration. While global stalwarts like the UK and the US also showered appreciation on the consensus, it was meticulously crafted to steer clear of directly condemning Russia, China’s strategic confidante, over its ongoing tussle with Ukraine. Moscow, too, recognized the declaration’s significance, calling it a “milestone”. Yet, Ukraine’s heart cried out in disappointment, feeling a void in this pivotal global moment.
  • The threads of diplomacy and the complexities of geopolitical relationships were palpable. Notably, the recent G20 summit bore a softer stance on Russia’s actions in Ukraine compared to the sharper tones used in Bali the previous year. The Delhi declaration exuded empathy for the human cost of the Ukraine conflict, highlighting concerns over global food and energy stability, without pointing fingers.
  • The tapestry of this summit was further embroidered with China’s Premier Li Qiang’s presence, even as underlying tensions between China and India persisted. A scar of a tragic clash from three years ago, where the brave souls of 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers were lost, loomed in the backdrop.
  • Amid the profound echoes of unity, Ms. Mao Ning, a representative from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, passionately voiced China’s steadfast support for the G20. Addressing the world’s collective thirst for insight into Beijing’s perspectives, she emphasized China’s pivotal role in upholding the interests of developing nations, ensuring that their voices aren’t just heard, but deeply felt.
  • The world watched, captivated, as India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, took center stage amidst global leaders, culminating the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi on September 10, 2023. A snapshot of this momentous occasion vividly encapsulated the essence of unity and collaboration.
  • Questioned about China’s stance on the nuanced tones of the declaration concerning Ukraine, Ms. Ning asserted China’s unwavering, clear, and consistent position. With an air of determination, she reminded the world of G20’s essence, emphasizing its role as a bedrock for international economic cooperation, and not as an arena for settling geopolitical differences.
  • As the world grapples with challenges, China promises to remain a champion for peace dialogues, fervently working hand-in-hand with the global community towards a harmonious resolution of the Ukraine predicament.

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